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L & D's El Capitan (Seal) to L & D's Rory (Rew)---1 SS doe, 1 SS buck, 1 Sable Point doe Born 6/19/2022

L & D's Stephan (Siamese Sable) to L & D's Chere (Blue Point) 1 Sable Point doe, 1 Rew buck---Born  6/21/2022

L & D's Addison (Tort) to Noble Heirs Tiger Lily (Black)---1 Tort buck, 1 Rew doe---SOLD, 1 Black doe Born---6/19/2022

L & D's Isaac (Black) to Outta the Blue Talia (Rew)---1 Rew doe born 6/28/2022

L & D's Jimmy (Black) to L & D's Alena (Rew)---1 Rew buck born 7/1/2022---fostered to Talia

L & D's Wilhemina (Siamese Sable) to L & D's Tiiviste (Seal)---1 SS buck born 8/5/2022

L & D's Rory (Rew) to L & D's Isaac (Black)---2 Rews bucks Born 8/4/2022

L & D's Ka Lua (Tort) to L & D's Sun n' Sand (Rew)---2 Rew does, 1 Rew buck born 8/4/2022

Lavender Fields Ginger Thyme (Orange) to L & D's Issac (Black)---1 Chestnut buck, 1 Chestnut doe, 2 Tort bucks born 8/6/2022

L & D's Delilah (Rew) to L & D's Orlando (Tort)---1 Black buck and 1 Rew doe born 8/09/2022

L & D's Pinakamahusay (Tort) to L & D's Mucho Macho (Tort)---1 Tort doe, 1 Rew doe born 8/10/2022---fostering 2 of Rory's Rews

Outta the Blue Coco Rehegua (Chocolate) to L & D's Orlando (Tort)---1 Black, 2 Rew born 9/7/2022

L & D's Yana (Rew) to L & D's El Capitan (Seal)---2 SS born 9/7/2022

L & D's Alena (Rew) to L & D's Tiiveste (Seal)---2 SS Born 9/8/2022

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