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For Sale/Sales Policy

L & D Rabbitry reserves the right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason. Payment in full is required before exchange of goods. Half is required to hold a rabbit. Paypal is preferred; however, money orders are acceptable. A reasonable amount of time will be given to allow for payments to be received and rabbits to be picked up. I will not; however, hold an animal for a long period of time unless this is specifically agreed upon at the time of sale. Any problems or issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis; however, do not expect a refund in full unless I am unable to provide the previously agreed upon rabbit or cavy to you.

We have decided this year to do away with wait-lists. You can check out our rabbits when they are posted on Facebook, but you are going to have to "friend me" to see them---on my personal account, Lorelei Ann Long. 

Attn: Due to the Covid-19 and the RHD2 outbreak in the Southwestern US, we are not breeding or going to any shows at this time.

Lionheads: If interested in anything please contact me by Facebook. Contacting me by Facebook is the best way to contact me. Please friend me "Lorelei Ann Long" and you will be able to see when I have rabbits for sale. I should be having several lionheads for sale before and at NY Convention. I have become very selective with what I sell as show quality and since I do not breed year round, so most of the time there aren't many lionheads available for sale.

Occasionally I will sell brood quality lionheads at local shows. What I consider brood quality is a lionhead that has very good or excellent type but may be too clean, too woolly, or too big for long-term showing. These animals can make wonderful breeding animals. You can feel free to contact me to see if I have any of these animals available as well. I will have some brood animals at NY Convention.

Adults are sometimes available throughout the year. My rabbit prices are considered very reasonable based upon my show success over the years and as a result it may take a while to get something from me. However, I will get back to you. 

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