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By Color

Bastet's Phantom of the Opera Black

L & D's Isaac Black

L & D's Roberto Rew Multiple BOB and BOS wins

L & D's Dior Rew BOB OSRBA---Multiple BOS

L & D's Bahari Rew

L & D's Sun n' Sand Rew Numerous BOB and BOS wins, BOSB 2018 ARBA Convention

L & D's Hanan Sable Point

L & D's Fritz Sable Point

L & D's Maza Pilnibe Sable Point

L & D's Pedro Seal Point Best of the Rest and BOV 2017 ARBA Convention

L & D's Tiiviste Seal

L & D's Cavalier Seal

L & D's Peety Seal

L & D's El Capitan Seal 2nd Reserve in show, Multiple BOB and BOS Wins

L & D's Sao Paulo Seal Marten BOS Carroll Co MD, BOSV 2013 Nationals (Shown as Sable Marten)

L & D's Stefan Siamese Sable

L & D's Elliott Siamese Sable RIS

L & D's Dakari Siamese Sable

L & D's Addison Tort Black

Lavender Field's Mason Tort Black

L & D's Zaire Tort Black

L & D's Orlando Tort Black (Choc carrier)

L & D's Mucho Macho Tort Black 2022 Nationals winner

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